Article in Dry Crago

Dust management is too expensive! Wuvio blows that theory out of the water!

Wuvio Chemicals offers a range of products to combat dust, which are widely used in the waste and recycling industry, by energy producers and by mining and dry bulk companies. Wuvio believes dust suppression should be easy and can be done with a smaller ecological footprint. It is widely believed that fighting dust in an industrial environment is expensive, difficult and typically has an impact on operations — Wuvio’s daily mission is to prove this is not true.

All heavy industrial sites are constantly under the microscope. This is a fact we all know to be true. However, the surroundings and neighbours at any bulk handling site, as well as local government, can have a major influence on whether the operator’s licence continues.

Looking back at the title of the article ‘Dust management is too expensive’. What if that weren’t the case? A fundamental flaw is that many of us try to use a sledgehammer approach to resolve dust-containment issues — often using an over-scaled and usually costly solution.

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