Wuvio attended DBTG conference in Southampton

Wuvio is a proud member of International Dry Bulk Terminals Group (DBTG), a not-for-profit society open to all owners/operators of dry bulk terminals world-wide. During the events members exchange ideas and concerns, experience and expertise on issues such as operational safety and efficiency, technical analysis and innovation, environmental matters, operator training, as well as maritime security.

Our representative attended the conference in Southampton last week. To learn more about hazardous cargoes, innovations for difficult cargo handling and digitization. During the conferences Wuvio informs the members about our innovative approach in dust control systems. 

We are looking forward to the next event in Rotterdam. 

Wuvio wins safety award

We are very proud of the Wuvio Team!

Wuvio won the prestigious Safety award at the annual IBJ Awards in Ghent, for the excellence innovation to make the working environment and the immediate environment in Dry Bulk more safe and healthy.

The IBJ – International Bulk Journal rewarded Wuvio in the category Cargo Handling


Wuvio | We deal with dust!

New tank for Wuvio’s Total Dust Solution

New tank for applying Wuvio’s solutions

New business in Eastern Europe

We did a foam test in Bulgaria at a big cement factory proving the effectiveness of our foam agent. The results are promising and the client asked a concept design for a foam installation.

Delegation of Russian Dry Bulk terminals at dust masterclass at Wuvio

The production- and mining industries, and also the transport sector of dry bulk goods, create a great amount of dust. Dust that is air born is a serious contributor to environmental pollution, which could also, as a result, cause serious health issues. Other than that, dust-drift may have economic consequences, as valuable raw materials get spilled and lost. Wuvio helps dry-bulk terminals to overcome dust problems, and transported the first order to Russia, what was noted by the Russian Press.

On Thursday the 24th of May Wuvio received twenty delegates of the Russian Port Association. The reason for their visit was to understand better how we can help them to solve their dust problems. We gave them a presentation about Wuvio and gave them a tour in our new laboratory.

Immediately after their visit two of the delegates requested more information and an offer.

R&D lab up en running

Finally!! We are excited to announce that our R&D laboratory is ready. Depicted is a sneak preview. We surely see a promising future ahead of us. From inhouse analysis to new product developments.  Wuvio can now deliver the best of both worlds. We will keep you posted with pictures and stories about the lab.

Article Dust-free coal handling in Dry Bulk

Rotterdam Port Fund to invest in Wuvio – Wuvio Chemicals delivers technological scoop

The production- and mining industries, and also the transport sector of dry bulk goods, co-produce a great amount of dust. Dust that has been released is a serious contributor to environmental pollution, which could also, as a result, cause serious health issues. Other than that, dust-drift may have economic consequences, as valuable raw materials can shift and can, therefore, not be re-used. The Rotterdam Port Fund recognizes the opportunities in potential solutions and is keen to invest.

Sustainable dust control
Treating goods with moisturizers, foam and so-called crust cultivators can reduce dust development and shifting. Wuvio products diminish dust development by at least 85% and water consumption by more than 90%. Wuvio has been working on the development and production of innovative dust control methods for more than a decade. The most important raw material of Wuvio’s product line consists of recycled fibres. Other elementary components are also made from re-used or recycled raw materials. One might say that sustainability really exists in every fibre of the company.

Ambition to grow
Bastiaan van der Knaap (Rotterdam Port Fund): “The circular economy offers new opportunities in developing new technologies to re-use raw materials. Wuvio is able to convert these opportunities into effective dust controlling products, from which many companies in and in the vicinity of the harbour can benefit. As a fund we are thrilled that we can help this company grow towards its ambitions and we look forward to collaborating with a strong partner as Navus Ventures and the entire Wuvio team.”

Marck Hagen (CEO Wuvio): “Our aim is to deliver a grand contribution towards cleaner air and water worldwide. We need financial resources to be able to live up to that goal.  Rotterdam Port Fund’s investment and network enable us to realise our international expansion strategy, and to enhance our R&D capacity.

Wuvio is currently building a new R&D facility in Maasdijk – in the hinterland of the Rotterdam harbour. New products to prevent dust development of dry agrifood bulk goods will be developed and produced inside this facility.

About Rotterdam Port Fund
Rotterdam Port Fund is an independent investment fund that supports innovating companies – active in and around North Western Europe’s harbour industry – that have a need for growth capital. Havenbedrijf Rotterdam, NIBC Bank, Innovationquarter, Koninklijke Doeksen and Rotterdam based entrepreneurs Peter Goedvolk and Luc Braams have initiated the fund.


New lab in progress

The Wuvio approach is being noticed and our customer base is growing rapidly. All good news but our current facility unfortunately has its limitations. Therefore, Wuvio will be moving to a larger building about a kilometer from our current location.

In the center of this building will be our new high-tech laboratory equipped with all gizmos needed to further enhance our existing product and to enable even more rapid development of new products. Construction works have started this week and we will regularly update you on our progress. We wil keep you updated about the developments!