Delegation of Russian Dry Bulk terminals at dust masterclass at Wuvio

The production- and mining industries, and also the transport sector of dry bulk goods, create a great amount of dust. Dust that is air born is a serious contributor to environmental pollution, which could also, as a result, cause serious health issues. Other than that, dust-drift may have economic consequences, as valuable raw materials get spilled and lost. Wuvio helps dry-bulk terminals to overcome dust problems, and transported the first order to Russia, what was noted by the Russian Press.

On Thursday the 24th of May Wuvio received twenty delegates of the Russian Port Association. The reason for their visit was to understand better how we can help them to solve their dust problems. We gave them a presentation about Wuvio and gave them a tour in our new laboratory.

Immediately after their visit two of the delegates requested more information and an offer.