Coating that prevents dust formation

Storage and handling of bulk goods

Dust nuisance is a well-known side effect of storing bulk goods in ports, at steel mills or other storage sites. Because the wind usually has free rein at these locations, stockpiles of coal, ores or sand, for example, can blow apart and cause dust nuisance far and wide. A crust former is often the ideal solution to effectively combat this type of dust nuisance.

A traditional method of dust control around large inventories of bulk commodities is the use of water. By itself, however, water has no binding properties. Wuvio's crust formers, on the contrary, do have those properties, and thus the deployment of our crust formers reduces water usage by about 80% compared to the traditional method.

Crust formers

A crust former is a thin crust, a thin layer to seal the top layer of the stored bulk goods. After application of the crust, dust formation is reduced by more than 90%. If desired, the crust can be made in color. White or green are most commonly used, these colors form a signal effect to the environment. Employees or local residents can thus recognize that dust nuisance is being prevented by means of a crust former.


Wuvio solutions

Wuvio's crust formers: EcoCrust S & Freko-Crust

EcoCrust S is a crust former made of water in base, mixed with natural fibers and additives. This mix can be made on site or delivered ready-to-use. The mixture is sprayed over the bulk goods as a thin layer, so that when it dries, a nice, thin and well adhering crust forms. Application is by means of a water cannon on a mobile spray truck.

The transparent alternative to EcoCrust S is Freko-Crust. This crust former does not contain fibers, but has the same binding & protective properties. The crust is colorless (transparent) and can simply be applied with a (mobile) spray gun.

Both the crust formed by EcoCrust S and that of Freko-Crust is so stable that harsh weather conditions, such as high winds and heavy (snow) rain, have little effect on the condition of the crust former. Wuvio's additives provide the required strength and longevity.

The life of the crust depends on the conditions. If desired, the crust can be made to protect for 3 weeks to 12 months or more. 

Wuvio's crust formers are 100% biodegradable and harmless to the aquatic environment.

Alternatives to crust formers

A crust former is a particularly effective dust suppressant for large bulk stocks, but for other situations where dust nuisance occurs, Wuvio has other options. Check out our alternatives!

Read more about our other dust nuisance solutions. If the solution you are looking for is not listed here, please request customization!