Article Dust-free coal handling in Dry Bulk

Rotterdam Port Fund to invest in Wuvio – Wuvio Chemicals delivers technological scoop

The production- and mining industries, and also the transport sector of dry bulk goods, co-produce a great amount of dust. Dust that has been released is a serious contributor to environmental pollution, which could also, as a result, cause serious health issues. Other than that, dust-drift may have economic consequences, as valuable raw materials can […]

New lab in progress

The Wuvio approach is being noticed and our customer base is growing rapidly. All good news but our current facility unfortunately has its limitations. Therefore, Wuvio will be moving to a larger building about a kilometer from our current location. In the center of this building will be our new high-tech laboratory equipped with all […]

Article in Dry Crago

Dust management is too expensive! Wuvio blows that theory out of the water! Wuvio Chemicals offers a range of products to combat dust, which are widely used in the waste and recycling industry, by energy producers and by mining and dry bulk companies. Wuvio believes dust suppression should be easy and can be done with […]

Dust management is too expensive!

“Dust management is too expensive!”? An interesting update on LinkedIn: What if it wasn’t? The fundamental flaw is that many of us try to solve dust issues by using the sledgehammer approach, an over scaled and usually costly choice. But let’s assume the budget was approved and you and your contractor can now start the […]

Wuvio awarded with ISO9001 certification

ISO was founded with the idea of answering a fundamental question: “what’s the best way of doing this?” And this exactly describes why Wuvio set out and started the process for ISO9001-2015 certification. We wanted to find out how we are doing things today and how we can improve internal and external processes to improve […]