Odor Control

No more odors in industrial environments

Neutralize odors easily

Often, industrial dust and odor challenges go hand-in-hand. Odors such as those from rotten eggs, rotting fruit, vegetables or plants are regularly the cause of odor complaints from your employees or local residents.

Research has shown that odor from industrial plants poses health risks. Odor nuisance can lead to physical complaints such as headaches, nausea, disturbed breathing and disturbed heartbeat.

Indeed, in our brains, smell and emotion are strongly linked. Research has shown that what we smell determines 75% (!) of our emotions. If something smells bad, we immediately feel uncomfortable.

We understand the issue of odor challenges and can help you prevent odor complaints. 

In cooperation with our customers, we have developed a special sustainable additive that can be used in industrial environments where unpleasant odors cause nuisance: Freko-Deodor. Applications of Freko-Deodor include waste processing, recycling and compost or bulk processing.

Freko-Deodor is supplied as a concentrate to be mixed with water in very limited quantities.

Via the misting installation or mist gun with dosing pump, Freko-Deodor immediately ensures that unpleasant odors are neutralized. This makes odor nuisance a thing of the past!

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