Foam formation

Foam bubbles that bind fine dust particles to them

Dry Foam - Wuvio's Freko-Foam

Dry foam is one of the most effective solutions against dust nuisance in industrial environments. In areas working with conveyor belts, shredders or sorting lines, dust control is traditionally done with water. However, water by itself has no binding properties: Dust particles float on water, making water an ineffective solution to dust nuisance in industry.

Using dry foam, on the other hand, is a very effective and sustainable way to control dust nuisance. This is because the additive that is added to water in the production of dry foam does make the water effective and therefore reduces water usage by about 80% compared to the existing situation.

Wuvio has developed a dry foam in its own laboratory that has now proven to be an ideal means of dust reduction: Freko-Foam. Freko-Foam is very easy to apply. Thus, foam application can be automatically integrated into existing processes. Freko-Foam reduces dust formation by more than 90%.

How does dry foam work?

Dry foam consists of bubbles that can bind dust particles to themselves. Freko-Foam is injected into dust sources at sorting lines and conveyor belts on which products such as waste, coal, wood chips are moved. The foam adheres to the dust particles, preventing them from volatilizing. Foam particles are sprayed under high pressure into drop points using nozzles. An important additional advantage of Freko-Foam is that this dry foam is biodegradable. This makes Wuvio's Freko-Foam dry foam a very sustainable solution against dust nuisance.

When does foam work?

Foam is a good application in environments where there is a high concentration of dust particles. Some examples of industries where foam is the ideal tool against dust nuisance.

Dry foam is often used in the processing -by crushers- of raw materials such as coal, iron ore and other mineral powders in the mining industry. Freko-Foam significantly reduces dust clouds -up to 90% less- generated during these activities.

Bulk goods
The use of foam is popular in installations for loading and unloading bulk goods such as sand, lime and other materials in, for example, transshipment ports or terminals.

Waste processing
Around waste and debris sorting lines, whether in combination with shredders or not, foam is an excellent means of dust control.

Wood processing
In wood processing, dust control using foam is the best solution. Dry foam is used in the processing of wood and wood products, such as sawing, shredding, sanding, cutting wood planks.


Wuvio solutions

Benefits of foaming as dust control

In most industrial environments where dust nuisance is a problem, dry foaming directly eliminates excess dust from both employees and the environment. This benefits the living environment in every way. Choosing to control dust with a specific foam solution offers several advantages:

Due to the greater density of dust particles, foaming works extremely quickly and effectively. The fact that the dry foam works for up to thirty days makes the Freko-Foam an efficient solution.

Freko-Foam is safe to use. No additional protective equipment is required in areas where foam is used.

Easy to use
Freko-Foam is easy to use in almost all weather conditions. If required, the technical system can be installed on site or delivered "plug-and-play" in a technical container. A short introduction training is sufficient to start using the foam system, no special skills or training are required to apply foam. It is also possible to fully automate the foam installation and easily integrate it with already existing (control) systems.

Environmentally friendly
One of the most important features of Freko-Foam is its sustainable nature. Thanks to the innovative additive used by Wuvio, this form of dust control saves up to 80% water. The foam particles are also biodegradable, making this approach circular.

Alternatives to foaming

While foaming is an effective remedy, not all situations where dust control is needed Freko-Foam is the most appropriate solution. Wuvio has developed several solutions that are good alternatives when another solution is more effective than foam.

Read more about our other dust nuisance solutions. If the solution you are looking for is not listed here, please request customization!