Power plants

These plants and stocks are vulnerable to wind

Power plants

Despite the transition to all-green energy, coal- and coal-fired power plants still supply a large percentage of the world's electricity. In most cases, coal is mined a very long distance from the power plant and transported to customers by ship or train. Under normal weather conditions, the loss of material during transportation is about 5%. Unloading and further movements at the destination cause even more loss.

Many power plants maintain a strategic buffer to ensure continuity of energy production. However, these stockpiles are susceptible to wind, and without further treatment, (coal) dust is carried many miles by the wind.

Wuvio has solutions to help you significantly reduce the loss of material.

Crust formers during storage

Traditionally, water has been the most common means of dust control. However, for two reasons, water and coal are not a good combination. First, depending on the type of coal, a relatively large amount of water is needed to control dust formation. The second reason is an economic one: the drier the coal, the higher its calorific value or, in other words, the more energy the coal can supply to the plant's furnace.
The use of Wuvio crust former prevents dust formation and also protects the coal fields from moisture/rain. The crust former is sprayed over the stockpiles like a blanket, forming a thin, durable crust layer, colored white, green or transparent as desired.

Transport and reduction of material

Experience shows that dust challenges also occur at drop points on the belts or when handling the bulk material in the hopper. Here, solutions based on atomization can be employed. Moreover, by adding an additive to the mist, the action of water is much more effective. This is because the additive ensures that the water opens up, as it were, and can therefore hit/bind dust particles.

By using our dust control solutions, initial savings in water consumption of up to 70-80% are achieved.