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We are Wuvio


Wuvio is a Dutch company, founded in 2007 and market leader in the field of industrial dust control. With a team of experts, we operate worldwide and are available day & night to help you with dust or odor problems.

On-site, we analyze your dust challenges and then work with you to find the most optimal and sustainable dust control solution from both an economic and operational perspective. We manufacture and sell additives developed in our own laboratory, as well as dust control systems. So you always have the solution that suits you best.

From our headquarters in The Netherlands, we work worldwide with our customers and partners to enable a dust-free environment.

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There are several trade shows in Europe where Wuvio is present. Hopefully we can meet there!

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We operate at the highest level of personal and environmental safety. Our employees are VCA ** certified, qualified for the work they do and equipped with all PPE required according to:

  • EN ISO 20471
  • EN ISO 11612
  • EN ISO 11611
  • EN 13034
  • EN 1149-5
  • EN 61482-1

Own in-house laboratory

Wuvio has its own fully equipped laboratory at its headquarters in Maasdijk. Our chief-chemist leads a team of laboratory technicians focused entirely on dust and odor control.  

With our own laboratory, we have the best grip on product development and improvement. Here, through test setups, situations -that we encounter in field- are simulated. However, the interfering variables that we encounter in the field are eliminated as best we can in the lab or are almost completely under control.

In our laboratory, we deal with general projects, with generic solutions to dust and odor challenges, but we also work on very customer-specific problems in this area. Using samples, samplings of specific products, we develop the most optimal solution for each dust problem.


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